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A walk on the High Line, New York City

The High Line (and I’m quoting Wikipedia here) “is a 1.45-mile (2.33 km) New York City park built on a section of the former elevated freight railroad of the West Side Line, along the lower west side of Manhattan.” It’s an elevated urban park, tranquil due to its height above the streets.

High Line Park

Photos from my walk

The Wikipedia entry about the High Line

Photos from Joel Sternfeld

Photos from Jonathan Flaum

A good thing

I woke up this morning wondering whether the old cell phone I dropped off at my local Verizon Wireless store yesterday would really go where they said it would go. Or would do what they said it would do, which was to be donated to victims of domestic violence. So I googled Verizon and recycle this morning and it seems it is quite a robust program. I have to admit that the fact that Verizon is doing this makes me like them a little more. It’s not a company that makes it easy to love it. Though I do believe they have the best wireless network nationally.

More recycling

Yesterday I put out the “give away” box beside the garbage. In the box was an old cutting board, candlesticks we never used, some Christmas ornaments. All in good shape, all ready for a second life with some new owner. And I put out my old ice skates which I had been hanging on to for no particular reason. Then it so happened that my wife and I were looking out the front window later in the day when a car stopped on the other side of the street and a heavy-set guy got out, ran across the road, grabbed the skates (which were what had caught his eye and caused him to stop) and then he just grabbed the whole box of give-away stuff. The whole box! For some reason this surprised us. We had both imagined that someone would come by and take one or two things and then someone else would come by and take something they needed or wanted. But this one guy took everything. What’s he going to do with all those things? Sell them on eBay? Maybe. That’s what got us, I think. That our recycling had gone from a one-person-to-another gesture to a money making venture. A small amount of money, certainly, but still. It just jarred with our expectation. The upside of this is that nothing was left for us to have to deal with later.

Red Sneakers

A few weeks ago when all the snow around here melted away (lots more coming tonight), I disovered my old red sneakers lying beside the road, about five houses down from mine.RedsneakersThese sneakers had started out in life as a pair of white Stan Smith tennis sneakers and I had painted them red at some point. (There was that MTV party in NYC back in the day. Either that or a Halloween costume needed red footwear. Since my costumes have now gravitated toward pirate garb–aaarrrgggh!–it was time to retire the sneakers.) I had put them out with garbage one Sunday night last fall. There’s an efficient recycling system around here. Put garbage out. And near it put out the things you want to give away and they generally disappear before nightfall.

Didn’t work so well this time. Someone must have picked them up as he (she?) was walking along the street and decided a short while later that they weren’t what he (she?) had in mind. Oh well. They’ve since disappeared again, off to the junk heap I imagine.