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Just wanted to post this picture from Ava Dolley, daughter of a friend/colleague of mine. Ava is really into dinosaurs right now, particularly T-Rex. Shelley, her mother, sent me a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys to me as a birthday gift. Ava made the card. This card really is priceless.

Erik in ghillie veil

Erik in ghillie veil
Originally uploaded by erikorama.

The bitmapped camo pants.

Halloween at Winchester St.

Annette in Ghillie veil
Originally uploaded by erikorama.

On Halloween Annette and I try to dress up a bit for the kids who come to the house for candy. Annette had these two ghillie veils left over from some project she’d been working on. Hunters use them to hide in the brush. Snipers use them, too. We used them to scare some little kid in a dinosaur outfit. Then I had to go out and buy some camouflage pants to complete the outfits and I got a pair with a bitmapped camo design. Even analog pants have gone digital.

Iceberg climbing

Ice climber Will Gadd is getting himself some publicity these days. Yesterday’s NY Times featured a piece he wrote about climbing icebergs in the North Atlantic. You can also see him in a video of iceberg climbing.

Two miles closer to the sun, or, you da man

Spent a long weekend at Alta, Utah, skiing. Elevation at the top of the mountain there over 10,000 feet. A foot of snow fell Monday night and Tuesday morning we got into it.
Dan Hulkower took this video of me skiing the powder at Catherine’s. That’s him you hear breathing hard. He’s just done what you see me doing. Unfortunately we had to catch flights home that afternoon, but we got three hours of glorious powder in before heading out.

What I don’t know, or 21 Days to a Habit

I’ll tell you what I don’t know. I don’t know what this blog is all about…yet. And after having read Heather Armstrong’s blog today celebrating her blog’s 5th birthday and telling how she didn’t know where she was going, well, it makes me feel a little better. I know I want this to go somewhere. Work? Play? Pictures? Words? Videos? So in the meantime I recently read in a book that it takes 21 days to form a habit. True? I don’t know. Something else I don’t know, but willing to believe it. So, I’d like writing in here to become habitual. Or at least posting. Maybe it isn’t always writing. Anyway, I’ve already got some gaps, so I don’t know if it’s habit-forming yet or not. And off to a skiing break later this week in Alta, Utah. Staying at the Peruvian. Big ole dormitory-type lodge at the base of the mountain. They call it rustic. But they do have wi-fi. So. No excuse. I just looked at their site. There’s a bar there. I was there last year and I never made it to the bar. There’s no excuse for having missed the bar either.