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Small Press Secrets to Establishing a Vertical Marketplace

One of the things which smaller presses understand is that you have to belong to a community to serve it. This means approaching readers as a fellow book lovers, which many publishers (both large and small) do by blogging or tweeting about books.

A New Survey Finds a Drop in Arts Attendance [Still, there’s some good news for people selling books.] [ Highlights of the survey here]

Among the good news is that a larger proportion of African-Americans and Hispanics are attending arts performances than ever before. Older Americans are also reading books at a higher rate, and a greater proportion of younger Americans are attending outdoor performing arts festivals. And every age and ethnic group found more of its members going to movies.


The 6 Best Book Marketing Blogs

Social Media

How to Use Social Media Tools to Save Time

I use Buffer to determine the best times to tweet or post and then schedule content as I find it across the web. The goal is to automate a portion of my social media in order to free up my time to engage with my audience throughout the day.

The Greatest Tweet of All Time [thanks to @DavePell]

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