Links (about books, lobsters, death and cheating death, among other things)

Some various and sundry links I ran into (looked into? clicked on?)  Tuesday, August 20:


Suddenly all hell broke loose!!! (You’ll “get it” once you see rules 5 + 6. From The New York Times) (This article showed up all over the place after Elmore Leonard died. While there are endless “10 Rules of Writing” articles out there in the world, I like the way his is written.)


Why lobsters are so expensive even when there are so many of them. (The New Yorker)


Social media makes death more accessible? (The

While some people are getting more comfortable with death, these guys want to do away with it altogether. (Thanks to Dave Pell and his NextDraft newsletter for that link.)(The Daily Beast)

I call this a video about cheating death, but really it’s all about persistence. (Thanks to Kris Krug’s Facebook page for this link.)


Five Reasons Social Media Will Always Sell More Books… (authored by Peter McCarthy, from the Digital Book World site)

Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms (Isabel Farhi, from Digital Book World)

I include this link because I’ve used a couple of these places (Goodreads and Book Bub) recently to find books.

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