Speaking soon?

Mark Hurst, from "What Matters Now"

Looking through some e-books for some ideas on look and feel, I came across this page in What Matters Now, a pdf compilation of one-page statements from dozens of folks and compiled by Seth Godin and his team. It originally came out in December, 2009 and is available over here. I liked what Mark Hurst had to say about preparing for a talk. Click on the image above to see a readable version of the slide. An excerpt below:

A few weeks before the event, when you start preparing the talk, write out everything you spend your time doing—professional work, side projects at home, everything.

Now pick the one thing you’re most excited about.

Now consider: why is that so important to you?

Design your talk from that point, as if you started by saying, “My name is X, and I’m passionate about XYZ because…”

There’s lots of other good ideas in the 82-page booklet as well.

Speaking of Mark, here’s an interview I conducted with Mark about his book, Bit Literacy, over at tompeters.com in 2007. (That sounds like a lifetime ago…)

Twitter: @markhurst

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