1. People 2. Love 3. Lists

Lists are great things. People love lists. I don’t know what it is (though I’m sure someone who studies the brain could tell us), but people will read lists of just about anything. Just take your thoughts and put numbers in front of them or pile them on top of each other. Otherwise how do you explain sites like this: http://www.grocerylists.org/

You make a “to-do” list every day, probably. Without lists, the world doesn’t go round. One of the pre-eminent list makers out there is Tom Peters. (Tom and I used to work together.) He’s got lists for anything related to work. See this page.

Here’s list-making in action, shown in this blog post, “The EXCELLENCE 25: Master the Basics.” In the first iteration, each item is just one word. In the second iteration, each term is now expanded into a sentence or two. Before you know it, each of those numbered items has a paragraph or two after it and so on and so forth. Before you know it you might have a book.

People Love ListsWhich reminds me, Tom did write a series of three books based on 50-item lists in 1999: The Project50; The Professional Service Firm50; and The Brand You50 (this last I would maintain is still the best book on the subject of Brand You—I’m biased, of course, having worked with Tom on those books).

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