Template for Excellence

This past Sunday the New York Times magazine published an interview with Rosanne Cash, who has just released her 14th album, which covers songs from a list of 100 songs her father Johnny Cash gave to her when she was a teenager. He called it a ‘template for excellence.’ I like that. Template for excellence. Her own personalized guidebook to what was good musically. Everyone should have their own template for excellence. And now, these many years later, she’s recorded 13 of those songs. Just 87 to go.

2 responses to “Template for Excellence

  1. a template for excellence- now that is delicious food for thought. My own would be filled with mantras from my own Dad- re dream big and go for it, hold tight to your dreams and your values, and when in doubt- watch baseball or go fishin tho for me it’s running or cycling. Now that I am berift- day one and gave up the bereft feelings associated with it, I am going to go finish up my list and live it tho not in the beautifully melodious way that Johnny’s daughter did. Goin fishin… now what’s your template look like?

  2. good question, pam. i don’t know what my template looks like. i guess i never got a template. still trying to figure it out.