Norwegian stuff

I’ve got a category here at erikorama called “Norwegian stuff.” My family is/was Norwegian. My two older brothers were born in Norway, and my parents emigrated to this country in the early 1950s. Then I was born. And while Erik Hansen is the most Norwegian of names, at least in America it didn’t seem that weird. My dad’s name was Torleif. That was a tongue twister for many of the folks we grew up with in Northern New York. (Not upstate! Northern! Think Southern Canada.) While I am an American, and glad to be, I am still attached to my Norwegian heritage. I also think there are some interesting things going on in Norway. They did get involved in the Middle East peace talks. They do require that boards of directors of companies have at least 40 percent women. And they seem to be weathering the current economic crisis quite well. See this article from the NY Times.

Of course it’s a tiny country. And they’ve got a massive amount of income from oil wells in the North Sea. Still, they seem much more thoughtful about a long-distant future than many other countries. We’ll see…or our offspring will see.

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