Be more than you seem, again

We had a new instructor at spin class the other day. I'm semi-embarrassed to admit that I go to a spin class at a health club, but I've got to say it really helps me get through the grim un-lighted days of winter. Exercise is good for the mind. It wards off depression, and it keeps me in shape for summer bicycling season.

So the new spin instructor shows up, noodles around with the adjustments on her bike at the front of the room and in the process of introducing herself, also mentions (lets us know!) that she is an ironman (2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, full marathon) athlete. And she's got three teenagers (she can't be that old!). This was her way of credentialing herself to us. But you know, who cares? I don't care if she's the best ironman athlete in the world; all I care about is her leading a good spinning class. But this is the way the world has been. Is? It's the (old) resume way of the world. "Let me tell you what I've done." But the world is now more like the movie industry, where, famously, "you're only as good as your last movie." Same for spin class: you're only as good as how you lead the class.

So, don't come in and tell us all this crap about yourself. We don't care. Just come in and lead the class. We'll decide if you're good or not. Nothing you can say will have any influence on that. Then in time you can let us know about yourself and your interests. But for now, just impress us with how well you can help us get the most out of this 45-minute session at 8 in the morning.

And just the other day I was talking with a guy who goes around doing workshops about how to properly demo software to potential clients. He said that when he does a workshop he doesn't introduce himself. He just starts in. Then later on if someone asks him about himself, he'll then talk about who he is and what he has done, etc. In the meantime, though he is demonstrating his knowledge and how it can help these people. That's what they're there for, not to worry about where he went to college.

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