Vikings acquitted

So there’s this recent revelation that the second woman buried with the famous Oseberg Viking ship was not in fact murdered and sent to the hereafter (Valhalla!) with her queen. This all seems a little sketchy to me. Revisionist history. So how did she die and why was she buried with the older woman–thought to be a queen–who may have died from cancer.

This is bad news for the Viking brand, right? These guys were known for murdering, raping, and pillaging. And this recent discovery seems to be trying to make then out to be sensitive guys. Forget it! They were Vikings!

One response to “Vikings acquitted

  1. Brutal as the Vikings must have been, I’m sure there must have been a sensitive side. My guy, a descendant of the Vikings, is a most powerful and loving man, though I must admit to seeing flashes of dominance, relatively speaking, of course. (Which man doesn’t have this?) He’s wonderful!