Another rule

Okay, this one may seem to contradict yesterday’s, but here goes: Stop drinking soft drinks. Yesterday I said you should always stop at the neighborhood lemonade stand and buy lemonade, or whatever it is the young kid there is selling. That’s something you do for that person. You can sacrifice your body once in a while. (Or if you’re really not into lemonade, just don’t drink it.) This thing about stopping soft drinks is something you do for yourself. You don’t have to believe me, in fact you have no reason to believe me, but you’ll probably be more likely to believe Dr. Mehmet Oz. He’s all over the place and is probably most well known from his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Also he doesn’t mind talking about poop, which must endear him to many.) I know him from Esquire magazine, where he writes a fairly regular column. In the current issue (May 2008), he co-authors an article called “Retool, Reboot, Rebuild: A Life-Extending Guide to Your Body’s Next Seven Days.”

On Day 3 he writes:

“Throw Away Soft Drinks: Even diet sodas, which are no better than the usual sugar-filled variety. If studies existed proving that diet sodas help you diet, you probably would have heard by now. In fact, diet soda appears to increase your chances of developing chronic diseases and gaining weight.”

You might wonder what I’m doing reading Esquire magazine, and I am embarrassed to admit that in public, but I do like their feature called “What I’ve Learned.” This month’s features Vint Cerf, the guy who really did ‘invent’ the Internet. One of the things he’s learned is also one of my Rules, but that’s for another day.

2 responses to “Another rule

  1. Just found this Blog. I like the simplicity of thought here, the beauty of images, and the ease of suggestion rather hard hitting or not. Thank you.
    I have never been a big fan of pop. As a kid, my sister’s boyfriend, now my brother brother-in-law, Richard, used to tease me because I would shake my soda up and open the top to reduce the fizz. “Judith, he’d say. “How’s your syrup?” I loved it! “GREAT!” Now, as an adult the more fizz or jolt, sometimes, the better.
    For a while there, I got into power drinks and coffee shots ad nauseam that had me literally buzzing all over the place; those who know me know these I DIDN’T need. Anyway, now I have a pop every now and then. Though, as stated, I have never been a big fan.
    I guess I can stop drinking pop altogether, considering the advice here based on the science. I have, by the way, given up power drinks and coffee shot, save the one or two shots I take with my Starbucks daily. Some vice, is probably, OK if not totally self-destructive?

  2. some vice is definitely okay. an occasional coke i’m sure isn’t going to do too much damage.