Rules to live by


I’m just thinking about rules. We all want a set of rules to help us get through the day. And I’m going to begin setting down my rules. Not that I can think of any off-hand. That’s why I’m going to start working on this list. I must have rules; I’m just not aware of them.

First rule: always buy lemonade from the kids who set up stands in front of their houses. I was reminded of this on Marathon Monday when I was walking home from watching the runners pass by on Beacon Street here in Brookline. There was a young girl who had set up a card table near the sidewalk. She was selling iced tea, not lemonade, but the rule still applies. It was only 25 cents for a cup.

A lot of people passed by without stopping. I don’t understand that. Here’s a kid who is doing something, not just sitting around, and I think it’s our responsibility to support that kind of initiative. Not that I’m so pro-capitalism. It’s not about the money. Well, yes she’s doing it for the money. I doubt that she’d say she was doing it for the experience. But it’s the experience that matters. And I think it’s the duty of us citizens, her neighbors, anyone passing by, to stop and support her. It’s only a quarter! Small price to pay for a big dose of encouragement.

Seems there was a computer game based on the lemonade stand idea as well.

N.B. The photo at the top of the post is a generic lemonade stand, not the one down the street from me. (Next time I’ll get my own photo.)

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