Pan Mass Challenge completed

The Pan Mass Challenge ride is over, for this year. Spent last weekend in the saddle of my bike, riding from Sturbridge, MA to Bourne, MA on Saturday and then riding from Bourne to Provincetown on Sunday. It was a great ride. It is a great event. 4969 people completed the ride. There were about 2500 volunteers. It’s a massive logistical operation and it goes off without a hitch–at least from where I see it.

The ride may be over, but fund-raising still goes on. I don’t know where we stand at the moment, but we hope to raise $27 million from the 2-day event.

I have to admit I’m relieved that it’s over. I train a lot for this ride and I ride hard over the weekend. I am not and never will be a leader of the pack rider, but I like my time on the bike. And when I find myself out in front of a group, pulling them along, I couldn’t be happier. In fact, at one point on Saturday I was pulling a bunch of folks along and we were hitting 25, 26 miles an hour. That is fast for me! I don’t know what happened. (Maybe it was that little energy gel that I ate.) Friends later told me they were behind me wondering just what had gotten into me. Of course, when I pulled over and drifted to the back, I was so spent that I fell off the back end of the group. Oh well. I’ll learn to pace myself better when I get older.

As I said, I’m relieved. On the other hand, there’s nothing else like biking along the roads of Massachusetts with people cheering and saying thank you and knowing you’re part of something that is much much bigger than yourself. One of my donors told me that his sister who is battling cancer finds great encouragement in the fact that all these people are out there riding to fight cancer. For that reason alone I would continue to participate in this event.

See my photos from the event.

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