Pan Mass Challenge

Once again I’ll be riding in the Pan Mass Challenge August 4th and 5th. And just yesterday I sent out my plea letter to friends and colleagues. I’m pasting it in below. If you’d like to donate, there’s a link further down the page.


I’m participating in the Pan Mass Challenge for the second time this summer. For those of you who supported me in this ride last year, thank you again. The 2-day event raised $26 million for the Jimmy Fund, which in turn supports cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. This year’s goal is $27 million and I’m sure we’ll make it.

I got involved in this event last year because cancer had just gotten too close to ignore. Friends are dead. My two older brothers have survived cancer scares. After a long hiatus I had started riding again and it seemed only natural to do something useful with my bike. Some friends who are long-time participants encouraged me to join the Pan Mass Challenge. And what really cemented the deal was riding in last year’s event. From the moment we started in Sturbridge, people lined the route, encouraging the riders and waving and yelling “thank you” and there were folks with signs saying things like “I’m a 10-year survivor.” It’s hard to keep your bike on course when you’re trying to wipe tears from your eyes. Then at one of the water stops, there was a young boy holding a sign that read: “I’m alive because of you.” After a moment like that, you can’t not do it again.

For those of you who weren’t included in my appeal last year, the Pan Mass Challenge is a 2-day, 192-mile bike ride (not a race!) from Sturbridge to Provincetown, MA. (This is no easy ride. I’ve been training since May and just completed a 106-mile ride–including a climb up 2,000 foot Mt. Wachusett–this past Sunday.) Billy Starr, executive director of the event, completed the first Pan Mass Challenge in 1980 to honor his mother who had died from melanoma at the age of 49. The challenge has grown every year since, and has contributed nearly $200 million to cancer research.

For those who donated last year, I hope you can do so again. And for those of you I’m reaching out to for the first time, please help me further the fight against cancer.

To donate online, go to this address:

My donor ID is EH0050.

Thank you for your generosity. (100 percent of your donation is tax deductible.)

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