PackagingI received a book in the mail yesterday from a person who wants me to read it and then write about it. But the book came in one of those brown paper envelopes with the gray-matter padding. Those packages are the worst. You cannot open them without getting all those little bits of gray padding (where does that stuff come from?) all over your desk. Of course, by now I’ve learned to open these things over the garbage can in the kitchen. But still. I don’t think people should use them.

Perhaps they’re the most environmentally sound way to send something in a padded envelope, though. Certainly bubble wrap (sealed air) envelopes are a hell of a lot neater, but not sure what their impact is on our world.

But I maintain these are the things that you have to think about when you send something. Every aspect of your outreach to the world represents you. So, think about what that gray matter all over my desk means.

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