Brand You Friend

I’ve got a friend who is in the midst of changing her life around. LJ Rose has worked for many years as a corporate change facilitator and leadership consultant. And now she’s had enough of that stuff and wants to do her own thing. And not quite sure what her own thing is. But we all feel this way, right? Well, most of us. We’re doing something for work that we like well enough, but we always have that feeling deep inside (or not so deep inside) that keeps asking the question, “But don’t you want to do something of your own?” It’s that urge to create something that no one else would create; to make something you can point at and say, “I did that” and be proud to say that. My friend has done that. She’s working through things. She wants to do something with images and music and so she’s taking pictures and taking video and just messing around with stuff. And she’s thrown out a ton of stuff in her apartment to make way for her new life. Pretty exciting stuff I think. And below is a small bit of video she put together. I think it’s from Amsterdam. It’s an example of what many of us do, particularly now that we have video capabilities in our digital cameras. And she’s taken the next step of editing it somewhat and then sharing it with people, in this case me. And I’ve decided to post it here.

And the subject of the video is a brand you, too. They’re everywhere.

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