Biking around Boston

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Hub on Wheels water bottle, originally uploaded by erikorama.

This past Sunday I biked around Boston as part of a fundraiser for the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation which provides computer equipment and technology training to underserved communites in Boston. Seemed like a good cause and my friend Matt Balachandran was going to ride and he and I have been trying to figure how to bike together, so here was an opportunity. As for the fundraising, I’m not sure. The receipt I got for signing up is from, a third party company that I’m guessing sets up these events and then takes money for that. But how much is that I’m wondering. I’m hoping it’s not some exorbitant amount. I paid $35 to participate; how much of that ends up going to the Digital Bridge Foundation?

On another front, it was a great ride, even though the sun never came out with any force and we did get spit on a bit from low-flying clouds. Saw parts of Boston I’ve never seen before. Mount Hope Cemetery, the Audubon Nature Center, the Neponset River Greenway.

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