Duluoz X 2

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DuluozX2, originally uploaded by erikorama.

I was asked by the folks at Coudal Partners to contribute to their Field-Tested Books feature and I wrote about reading Jack Kerouac’s Vanity of Duluoz while I was hanging out on the southern coast of Crete in a little village called Agia Galini. in 1974. To do the review I felt I needed to look at the book again, so I ordered it from Amazon. That’s the new one on the left in the picture. And then after I had reread parts of it and written the review, I happened upon the older, British version pictured on the right. Was that the book I read on Crete? You know, I’m not sure. I find it hard to believe that I’d still have some second-hand paperback from 1974 trailing me around and hanging out on my bookshelf. Oh well. So now I’ve got two copies.

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