The Pipe

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The Pipe, originally uploaded by erikorama.

I was working with a colleague the other day and she pointed out to me this character on the keyboard. It’s called “the pipe.” And it makes a vertical bar in your document or on your web page. I didn’t even know this key existed! The Pipe. What a great name for a character. Now that I know it exists, I see it in action everywhere, even on TV, some ad giving information used the pipe to separate phone number and address. My great discovery of the week. Here’s what Wikepedia has to say.
Another friend points out that the pipe is cental to the butt crack image using keyboard characters: (_|_)
When I asked if this was how plumbers signed their emails, she said they use this: (_|_)f
[that’s a pipe wrench]

One response to “The Pipe

  1. I completely forgot about this key. Now I use it all the time as a way of separating content. Cool.
    Steve | Mr. Goal-Free | Boston