Norwegian crime wave

The Easter holidays are a big deal in Norway and in most of Europe for that matter. Not that the Norwegians spend much time in church during this time. Seems that the country gets caught up in watching crime thrillers on TV and when not doing that, reading crime fiction (supposedly at their cabins in the mountains). The best part of any Norwegian item is somehow relating it back to the time of the Vikings. The money quote in this article from Reuters:

Nobody knows when the Norwegian tradition of crime telling at Easter began, but their warrior ancestors — the Vikings — were renowned for raiding trips to the British Isles. On their return the Vikings would settle down with flasks of mead, an alcoholic drink made from honey, and recount tales of murder and pillage to their women and children.

Gotta love those tales of murder and pillage told ’round the fire. Aaah, another pleasant evening in Viking time.

But speaking of mead, I noticed that my local wine shop is now selling three or four different brands of mead. It must be disgusting, but I’m afraid I may be forced–due to my Viking heritage–to give it a try sometime. Aaaarggh! (I know that’s pirate talk, but that’s got to be some cross over between the Vikings and the pirates somewhere…)

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