Bowling alone, now more than ever

Recently downloaded my first film from the net. Legally. And cheaply. $1.99 at iTunes for a 27-minute movie, an award-winning short from Martin McDonagh. Here’s the NYTimes take on it. I liked the film but what I really liked was downloading it and watching it on my computer. Not that the quality was such that I could expand the image to fill my whole 15-inch screen. But still, a movie. From the web. I think that is soo cool. You can’t copy it to a DVD and watch it on any other type of machine, however. So, unless your loved ones like to hover near your computer with you, you’re going to be watching these films on your own. Though I imagine that all of the restraints and other limiting issues will be addressed as we move along, such as when we get real fast Internet speeds into our computers.

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