Seatbelts save lives (the rider does not stop)

Okay, once more back to the four-day drive from Austin to Boston with my dad. While I was scouring the owner’s manual to find out how many gallons the gas tank held, I came across these visuals depicting how seat belts work. What got me, though, are the images themselves. They’re not photos. They’re drawn, but not even drawn as good comics. I can’t quite get why they look like they do. They look like a 5th grader drew them is what they look like. And the look of the images (oddly comical) is at odds with the message: if you don’t wear your seat belt, you continue moving when the car stops.



Comical, yes, but it doesn’t mean to be. And not only that, but there aren’t any other images in this whole owner’s manual that look anything like these images. I’m wondering if the people who put this booklet together stole these images from somewhere else.

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