“What’s the secret?”

Last night Todd Sattersten dragged me over to 20 x 2. Here’s the blurb from the schedule of events:

Tambaleo (302 Bowie St)
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Here’s tonight’s recipe for fun. Take twenty designers, writers, musicians and bon vivants. Give each two minutes and the same question to answer, and turn them loose before a live audience. That’s the equation for 20×2, which celebrates its sixth SXSW. Join us as participants answer the question “What’s the Secret?”

I know it said two minutes, but this video of Jory des Jardins answering the question runs a little longer than that.

2 responses to ““What’s the secret?”

  1. Erik,
    Wow! Proof that I was there! Thanks for the support. Sounds like you have some driving ahead of you.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video!
    Although, I’ve visited Jory’s blog often, this was my first chance to actually see/hear her speak. Jory is twice the brainy and brilliant babe when experienced in multimedia. 😉