What I don’t know, or 21 Days to a Habit

I’ll tell you what I don’t know. I don’t know what this blog is all about…yet. And after having read Heather Armstrong’s blog today celebrating her blog’s 5th birthday and telling how she didn’t know where she was going, well, it makes me feel a little better. I know I want this to go somewhere. Work? Play? Pictures? Words? Videos? So in the meantime I recently read in a book that it takes 21 days to form a habit. True? I don’t know. Something else I don’t know, but willing to believe it. So, I’d like writing in here to become habitual. Or at least posting. Maybe it isn’t always writing. Anyway, I’ve already got some gaps, so I don’t know if it’s habit-forming yet or not. And off to a skiing break later this week in Alta, Utah. Staying at the Peruvian. Big ole dormitory-type lodge at the base of the mountain. They call it rustic. But they do have wi-fi. So. No excuse. I just looked at their site. There’s a bar there. I was there last year and I never made it to the bar. There’s no excuse for having missed the bar either.

One response to “What I don’t know, or 21 Days to a Habit

  1. Heh erik…
    i have become increasingly aware that it may only take 21 days to establish a habit, but some take lifetimes to break. and i wonder why it is the habits that do some harm (smoking, drinking, reading us magazine) that are so hard to break and why the good ones (exercising every morning) are so easy to let slip…hmmm
    hope things are well there…good here. in one of those if i get any busier i am going to explode mode, so today is organize and plan day (heh, maybe start a new habit..naah, that would take planning…damn catch 22) see you pal