27.2 million (and counting) ways to screw around at work

The most depressing line from the Blogs to Riches story in this week’s New York magazine is from David Hauslaib of Jossip.com: “You gotta have something posted before people get to work,” he explains, “because my audience is people who hate their work.” Who’s got time to hate their work? But I suppose it is true. Dilbert is still very popular after all. I was just hoping—naively, obviously—that people were more connected to their work.

In my work with Tom Peters we’re trying to spread the message of bringing passion to work and doing work that matters. Our viewpoint is that any job can be turned into a great job. Or at least an opportunity to launch into something else better. But to be at work and hate what you’re doing seems such a huge waste of time and talent and energy. Oh well. Here’s hoping for better.

One response to “27.2 million (and counting) ways to screw around at work

  1. Love the positive attitude! Welcome to the blogging world. Your presence has been long overdue.