Just pick up the phone, will ya?

Reading a book on Asset-based thinking and there’s an exercise where you’re supposed to communicate with someone you admire and respect and let them know why you admire and respect him/her. With this qualifier: “(Communicate through voicemail, telephone, or in person—not by email! It lacks emotional intelligence.” Hadn’t thought about this but was wondering why I get so frustrated by these email ‘conversations’ that go back and forth and back and forth, particularly when you’re trying to set up an appointment. If we just got on the phone we could iron this out in a couple of minutes. And tell a joke or two. Without having to endure an onslaught of smiley faces. I always include my phone number in my emails. Some things just need to be sorted out with a phone call. Though I feel as if people want to do everything over email. Because it’s cheaper? I don’t know, phone calls hardly cost anything anymore.

But of course you have to learn to talk on the phone as well. When I first met the woman who would become my wife, we lived in different cities. So we talked on the phone a lot. Early on she said to me, “You know, Erik, you give bad phone.” That comment was a wake up call. So I worked on giving good phone.

Would you say to someone, “You give bad email?” Or is it that the email is so lacking in personality/intelligence that it’s a lost cause?

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