Red Sneakers

A few weeks ago when all the snow around here melted away (lots more coming tonight), I disovered my old red sneakers lying beside the road, about five houses down from mine.RedsneakersThese sneakers had started out in life as a pair of white Stan Smith tennis sneakers and I had painted them red at some point. (There was that MTV party in NYC back in the day. Either that or a Halloween costume needed red footwear. Since my costumes have now gravitated toward pirate garb–aaarrrgggh!–it was time to retire the sneakers.) I had put them out with garbage one Sunday night last fall. There’s an efficient recycling system around here. Put garbage out. And near it put out the things you want to give away and they generally disappear before nightfall.

Didn’t work so well this time. Someone must have picked them up as he (she?) was walking along the street and decided a short while later that they weren’t what he (she?) had in mind. Oh well. They’ve since disappeared again, off to the junk heap I imagine.

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