Thorlo_1Just one of those things you’d notice in winter time when you’re standing around someone’s house in your socks: companies are now printing their name on the top of the sock that’s usually inside your shoe. And this one company just doesn’t get it. The Thor-lo name reads correctly to me, the person in the socks. But I already know which socks I’m wearing. It seems the point here would be to impress upon those people I’m speaking with the name of my socks. My Levis don’t have a label on them where I can read it. It’s on the back, where the people following me can read the label.

Bridgedale_2The folks who make the Bridgedale socks clearly understand this, as witnessed in this second photo. Their name reads correctly to the people standing in front of me looking at me. When they look down to check out my "fabulously stylish" socks, they can easily read Bridgedale right side up.

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