Behind every great brand is a visionary. Behind every great visionary is someone helping them create branded content. I help visionaries establish and extend their personal and business brands with modern media.

The world’s greatest brands have a story to tell. In the information age, these stories can be told by publishing bestseller books, producing films, and developing web-based communities. I help authors, speakers, academics and CEOs  brand themselves and their organizations by pulling their brand’s ‘never-ending story’ and translating that story into literary works that secure their place in today’s market – and tomorrow’s history books.

For many years I worked exclusively with Tom Peters, helping him manage his global brand. I continually explored new ways to transmit and spread the Tom Peters culture to corporations and a new generation of business leaders. My collaborations with Tom included The Pursuit of Wow!, The Circle of Innovation, the Reinventing Work book series, Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age, the Essentials Series, The Little BIG Things, the public television program Re-imagine!, online learning projects with Ninth House, Better Life Media, the ImpactChannel (in conjunction with Washington Speakers Bureau) and the Top 500 website/blog at www.tompeters.com, and alliances with various online publishers. I also conducted over 150 “Cool Friend” interviews with business book authors.

Now I continue to work with authors/speakers, helping them develop and manage their brands and promote their books to a wider audience.

Email: erik at erikhansen dot com

Twitter: @erikorama